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Web Development

Web development is the process of creating a website. Friki eSolutions, one of the top web development companies in India, provides website design as well as web development while taking into account all aspects of search engine optimization. Many web development companies do not take a search engine into account when developing a website. Friki eSolutions creates websites that take both aspects into account. First, we create a website for both users and search engines. It is critical to think about both aspects because my end user is the customer or visitor, not the search engine.

When creating a website, it is also critical that the website be error-free. The majority of the websites appear professional and appealing, but they are inaccurate. It is critical for a website to be error-free in order to rank high in search engines.


• As one of the most well-known web development companies in Mumbai, we have the expertise to turn your vision into a reality..
• We guarantee on-time delivery, which helps you meet your business objectives.
• Search Engine Friendly Coding.
• Search Engine Friendly Navigation & URL Structure.
• We also provide after-sales support, assisting you even after your company’s website has been launched with our Web Site Maintenance services.


Web Development

To meet your needs, we create one-of-a-kind, custom eCommerce platforms from the ground up. We have a lot of experience with popular programmes like Magento and Shopify.

1. eCommerce Application Development
Provide the best eCommerce development services.

2. eCommerce Development Environment
Online exchange of goods and provision of services

3. Custom eCommerce Website Design
Custom eCommerce solutions should be provided.

4. Shopping Cart Development
Promote your brand and services to your target audience.



Web Development

MAGENTO is merely a platform for carrying out various e-commerce-related tasks. It is an open source platform in which users are automatically granted access to the platform's source code. It is written in PHP and has recently gained popularity. MAGENTO is thought to have been created in 2007, but it gained popularity only after 2008. Varien Inc., a private e-commerce company in the United States, was the first to develop this software. It is known to be compatible with two major platforms: Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce.

The following are some of MAGENTO's most notable and well-known features:
1) It provides users with a customizable shopping cart.
2) It gives the e-commerce website a user-friendly and eye-catching appearance while also controlling all of the important functionalities of the website.
3) MAGENTO also offers search engine optimization, which has become increasingly important in recent years.
4) It enables e-commerce websites to effectively manage their catalogues.

MAGENTO enables a small e-commerce platform with a limited number of products to expand its business in a relatively short period of time. It has a wide range of functionalities and themes that can make your e-commerce website look even more appealing in order to capture the attention of customers. As a result, it has the potential to completely transform the appearance of your website. It also enables users to narrow their search results based on specific criteria and keywords.

MAGENTO has quickly grown to become one of the most popular and widely used e-commerce websites. It is very simple to install and use on your device. It is extremely durable and ensures that your data and information are completely secure. It is also very cost-effective because it allows you to develop your website without incurring large expenses. It also offers various types of discounts and promo codes to customers, which has made MAGENTO extremely popular among its users.


Web Development

WordPress development firm in Mumbai/USA/DUBAI/VASAI WordPress is one of the best open source content management systems, and it is used by almost every professional web designer and web design and development company in the world. The best thing about WordPress is that it is the most user-friendly open-source system, with a large number of plugins, a directory, free and paid beautiful responsive template frameworks, an easy administrative dashboard, and SEO and SMO support. It is a powerful platform for many business websites such as blogging websites, eCommerce websites, real estate websites, and hospitality websites, among others.

Friki eSolutions is one of the most renowned and well known web designing & Development company across the globe, we have highly experienced & Professional Team of WordPress Website Designer & Developers who are enough sufficient to designing, development and customization of any WordPress Website, Plugins, theme, etc. according to your business need.

Open Cart

Web Development

Opencart is a free and open source website development platform. It is used in the creation of an e-commerce portal. Opencart is preferred because it is easy to use and includes e-commerce store features. It is a full-featured open source system that aids in the management of e-commerce websites and allows for the sale of goods online at a reasonable price. It is a one-of-a-kind shopping cart solution designed primarily for retailers. It is now very popular because it has a lot of features and offers a lot of benefits. Opencart's features include an appealing user interface, high flexibility, low maintenance costs, extreme SEO friendliness, the ability to generate sales reports, a large number of modules, plug-ins, add-ons, and templates, and the ability to allow product reviews and come with rating options for transparent services. It can help your business by providing benefits and giving you the opportunity to easily establish your online business in the market and serve customers effectively.


Web Development

Shopify is a cloud-based ecommerce platform. This means that when you build on Shopify, the hosting and back-end are both built in. Shopify's main goal is to make it simple for merchants to sell their products online with little technical complexity. With Shopify, you could have a basic store up and running in a matter of hours.

A retailer can go online in as little as four steps if they:
1. Join their domains.
2. Product Upload
3. Choose a theme and personalise it.
4. Input banking and corporate information.

Shopify simplifies the process of enabling online sales. However, doing it correctly for medium-sized businesses still necessitates a high level of expertise.


Web Development

Laravel has proven to be the ultimate developer's friend by taking the PHP world by storm. Laravel has now surpassed its competitors by introducing a clean and unique framework for PHP web development.

Laravel is a PHP object-oriented model-view-controller (MVC) framework that is open source. It is user-friendly and aids in the development of applications of all shapes and sizes. Laravel assists in the development of applications with clean and expressive syntax, thereby liberating one from spaghetti code. Laravel has a massive ecosystem that includes a quick hosting and deployment system.

Laravel saves a significant amount of time and drastically reduces the overall cost of development due to its exceptional features that streamline strenuous tasks. It's extremely powerful and dependable. Laravel is jam-packed with features that boost competitiveness, output, and efficiency across the board.


Web Development

Contao CMS is an open source CMS written in the world's most popular programming language, PHP. It is a WordPress alternative for publishers looking for ease of use and scalability. Furthermore, they want a more powerful performance from their content management system. Con­tao is built on open web standards and is easily adaptable to your specific requirements.

Contao allows for simple multi-domain management through the use of different root pages. Simple multi-language management, highly customizable modules via templates Because SEO is one of the platform's primary focuses, your websites are SEO Ready. Because extensibility is at the heart of the platform, you can extend it with plugins.

We provide Contao CMS services. You can manage various business tasks efficiently and easily with the help of our services. We have a team of experienced Web developers at our company who can provide clients with customised Contao development services. We use the system on a regular basis to build websites and troubleshoot problems for our clients.