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Social Media Management

Get Connected To Your Target Audience With Engaging Social Media Management Tactics

Adding Social Media to your Branding plan can help your business grow exponentially. It can be leveraged to generate awareness about your brand, engage with followers, and nurture a loyal customer base. All this in a fraction of the budget! In other words, Social Networks, if used the right way, can help your business gain considerable visibility, user insights, and recall value.

Social Media Management
Why You Need To Hire

Friki eSolutions As Your Social Media Management Agency

A strong Social Media presence is an incredible way to build your brand. Today, social networking platforms have evolved, each catering to audiences with specific mindset and engagement preferences. To navigate through this amazing maze, you need a professional and experienced agency like BeyondTheClick. With us, you get the following Social Media Management (SMM) services:

What Goes Into Creating A Great Social Media Handle Of A Brand?

In this digital-first age, it can be assumed that anyone online, owns a Social Media account. By anchoring your branding initiatives in the Social Media landscape, you get access to one of the largest 'Youth' TG base, and an extraordinary opportunity to instill a strong foundation for your brand in the online space. The Friki team has the knowledge and skillset to ensure that your business’s Social Media handles are robust, interesting, and in sync with the latest trends! We are experienced in all major Social networking platforms such as:

Here’s the process that we follow for our Social Media Management initiatives:

Choosing the right social networking sites:- This first step is crucial for achieving our branding objectives. So, in the planning stage we decide on the best platform on Social Media that’ll be pivot our TG. Eg. LinkedIn is ideal for promoting B2B enterprises, Instagram is great for connecting with young audiences, etc.

Business page creation:- If a client is new to Social Media, we guide him/her in getting a suitable company handle (eg. their Facebook page URL). For clients who already have active Social handles, we do a quick audit for them and recommend ways to improve their pages.

Devising a strategy:- When a new user sees a poorly maintained brand page, their interest level is hampered and they don’t convert to followers. So, our first focus is on creating a strategy that makes the client’s SM pages look professional, interesting and informative. Then we get into ideation for post feeds and messaging. With this, we ensure that Client’s SM pages are populated with relevant high-quality posts, proper hashtags, and impactful cover image.

Posts creation:- Designing social media posts is a different ball game altogether and you’ll need an expert to deliver what it takes to make the creatives fetch your audience’s attention. So, in this stage, we zero-in on the kind of posts we want on the page and initiate the design and content work for the same. Infusing the right kind of messaging and imagery establishes resonance and recall with followers/customers.

Post scheduling & boosting:- Scheduling of Social Media posts in advance makes page management a hassle-free process. We ensure that appropriate hashtags are used for every platform.

Reporting:- Social Media platforms are dynamic and efficient in their reporting dashboards. Our team will schedule regular updates to you on the performance of the SM pages.

Social Media Management