Website,mobile application & software development agency Vasai, Palghar, Mumbai

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Website,mobile application & software development agency Vasai, Palghar, Mumbai


The biggest asset of any organisation, is its employees. When it comes to HR and payroll software, Wondersoft offers only the best available employee time tracking solutions. The web based time clock software is the ultimate solution to virtually tracking all your employees. Who Is In, the time and attendance software offered by us is truly a state of the art. It can track every single employee in the office. The payroll software was made to make the life of human resources and pay office workers easier, simpler and error free.

A manual checking of attendance of every employee is a tedious process. And if the calculation of the monthly pay is added to it, the chance of encountering errors will increase manifold. This may cause resentment amongst the employees leading to dissatisfaction. With the installation of the WhoIsIn, our patrons can be assured in 100%accuracy in integrating payroll and employee attendance.

Online Attendance Management System Facilitated By Innovative Biometric Software

WhoIsIn has become one of the most popular web-based HR management software, being implemented in business organisation, as it can completely automate the process of keeping tabs on all the employees. The added advantage of the software is that one can do a random check too. With innovative systems like the employee timesheet management software, the employer can check the in and out times, set alerts for birthdays or even low staff turn out. This software solution also has an additional feature that allows for the management of employees’ leave.

Website,mobile application & software development agency Vasai, Palghar, Mumbai

An In-depth Look At The Biometric System From The Retailer’s Point Of View

The Biometric attendance system has slowly become an indispensible part of business organisations. Anticipating the rise in the implementations of such innovative processes, Wondersoft quickly made a comprehensive study of all the crucial aspects that are involved. This has resulted in many of such systems being successfully implemented for a number of satisfied clients. 

One of the most popular software solutions now used for this is WhoIsIn. But what is WhoIsIn? It is a software that allows an employer to track the attendance and movement of its employees. Let us say you own three shops of clothing yet you have a single manager for them all. How do you check that the manager is not only visiting each shop but also taking his/her time to actually work in each store? 

This is where an Employee Time Tracking Software comes into play. Using a fingerprint or even an eye scan, the software notes in its database the in time and out time of each employee. This gives the user a complete visibility of the human resources, thus aiding in a better management of them.

Website,mobile application & software development agency Vasai, Palghar, Mumbai

Wondersoft’s WhoIsIn incorporates many features such as:

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